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Alright, so now we have a site that can convert customers, some analytic knowledge of user behavior from our Internet Consultant, and we have pay-per-click advertising generating leads for our business. What is the next internet marketing step and why?

Display ads or Banner ads as they are also called, are a natural next step. Display ads are the internet marketing equivalent of a TV commercial, but are more highly targeted. True it is push marketing, just like TV, but with the internet you can avoid broadcasting to thousands, just to try and reach one person.

Display ads can be targeted in several ways so that your ads show up onto websites that make sense to the person that is surfing. Example: Running a display ad for diapers on a baby focused website or a network of sites that appeal to 18-35 year old females. It is the same principle that advertisers have tried for years.

Target your ads to specific demographics. The internet however, also lets you use psychographics. Psychographics, you ask? Simply put, it is user behavior. Display ads can be targeted based on the behavior of the computer user. If they have been visiting Kelly Blue Book’s website or Edmunds, they are probably in the car market. We can now start sending a car dealer’s display ads to make impressions onto that user’s computer, based on those behaviors.  What if someone keeps reading blog articles on pregnancy?  That’s right, start sending out ads for baby shower event planners, Fit Mother On-Line Magazine, etc.

There are actually six ways that display ads can be targeted. Behavioral, Endemic, Contextual, Engagement Based, Geo-Targeted, and the best, Remarketing. Why is remarketing the best? Because the user has already visited your website. This helps your business stay top of mind while they make a purchasing decision.

This is especially important for businesses that have a long sales cycle. If your customer is likely to research several sites prior to purchase, then re-marketing is invaluable. You can constantly keep them aware of your business after they have left your site and browse around the internet. Yes, this requires a cookie or pixel to be placed onto their computer and yes, it won’t work if they don’t allow cookies, but let’s be honest, most folks think cookies come in chocolate chip or mint fudge. Remarketing really helps bring people back to your site.

That’s a high level view of Display Advertising, but if I got into a lot of technical details, your eyes would glaze over. Suffice it to say that internet marketing, through the use of Display, is highly targeted, is cost effective, (usually around $9-$10 cost per thousand (CPM) impressions), and can help a user make a decision to buy your products or services because they saw your business all over the internet.

Alex D.

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  2. Esperanza Brogan - 1st October 2018 Reply

    Why Display Ads
    With display ads, you will be able to get higher number of customers and much more sales for you.

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