Daily SEO News 8th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 8th Feb 2020

1. Google My Business Posts getting Rejected: Bug or Stricter Guidelines?

Just as local SEOs were through reinstating their suspended Google My Business (GMB) account, many more of them suffered another setback in the form of Google rejecting their Google Posts.

What’s the matter?

7th February witnessed an unprecedented tide of complaints, from local SEOs across the globe, who lamented their Google Posts getting rejected by Google.

What Caused the Rejections?

Prima facie, the rejections seem to have stemmed from pictures that do not conform to the Google’s image guidelines. But given the quantum of complaints, there could be a bug at play as well.

But Why?

Though none of this has been confirmed by Google itself but the crackdown is probably to improve image quality or, maybe to give users a better idea about the business when they look for it online.

For instance, posts containing stock images faced the most rejection. 

There is a precise and exact mention in the guidelines detailing the use of only those images and videos in a GMB post which are relevant to the business. 

This obviously disallows any stock images from being used in the posts. And maybe, that caused the rejections!

Any Solution in Sight?

None as yet!

The frustration and confusion among the local SEO community is understandable in the backdrop of little guidance or clarity that it receives from the Web Giant.

However, the concerns regarding this that have been addressed to Google have received no response yet. So, we are still looking out for answers and will keep you updated.

2. Google to Offer Curriculum for BERT?

Wish life of an SEO was that easy, we would all get our daily bread without having to toil so hard for it.

What’s all the Buzz About?

Ever since Garry Illyes, from Google, went on stage at PubCon (which we did not attend!) there’s been heresy within the SEO community about Google coming out with a curriculum to better optimize for BERT.

Now, we really don’t know what Illyes said at the event but, what we do know from the tweets is that quite a few SEOs have taken it too seriously and have been looking forward to ‘the curriculum’. Take a look..

But on a serious note…

As we already covered in an earlier blog post a few months back, BERT is all about making your content more natural and logical.

Given the language sensitivity of BERT your content will rank higher if only it answers a specific query.

Hence, according to us, the only curriculum that can be detailed to optimize for BERT is to make your content richer and specific in a topic and let the language flow naturally.

Google to Offer Curriculum for BERT?

3. Google Opens New Inventory to Shopping Ads

You now have more scope to generate leads, interest, and conversions with your shopping ads. 

Google has decided to display standard shopping ads on Gmail, Discover, and YouTube. Starting from the week of March 4, this will be applicable to all Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads that have opted for Display Network.

Though reporting of the performance metrics by Google will not be broken down by property and the ads will now reach users across a wider spectrum of the sales funnel nevertheless, gauging Shopping Campaigns by Network can give you an idea if the reach expands by March which can help decide the further strategy.


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