Daily SEO News 28th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 28th Feb 2020

1. Want to Know your How-to Markup Looks? Try the new Support Feature in Google Rich Result Tool

Rewarding the patience of web masters, who have wanted to know how their ‘how-to’ markup looks on certain devices, Google has introduced a new feature in the Google Rich Result Tool.

What the Tool Offers?

The new feature introduced in the rich results testing tool will allow you a preview of your ‘How-to’ markup as it appears on Google Home Hub and other smart displays.

Did you just ask, What is ‘How-to’ Markup?

Okay… so for the beginners, a how-to markup is useful in signaling to Google that your page’s main focus is on ‘how-to’ content.

For example, if your page’s content is centered on ‘how to make your DIY rainwater harvesting system’, giving step-by-step details of the set up, then it would do good to add a ‘how-to’ markup in your code.

This markup signals to Google that your page talks about a ‘how-to’ topic and can be shown on SERP for a related query.

And, now coming back to the point…

Why we look forward to the New Change?

The new support feature allows you to get an immediate preview of your page without waiting for indexing and the changes to take effect thus cutting down on the time to make changes, if needed.

2. Do Manual Actions Blacklist Websites forever? 

No! They don’t.

At least that’s what we know from what John Mueller has to say.

If a website ever faces manual action for any malpractice, which it later corrects and then resubmits the site for reconsideration, and is cleared, there will be no ‘leftover effect’.

manual action

It will be as good as any other site which has not employed any such practices. However, there is no guarantee that it will immediately bounce back to the original SERP rank that it earlier enjoyed.

So, all those ‘myths’ of a site getting tainted for life are basically incorrect. Seems like Google is far more forgiving than we think! ☺

3. Manual Action against Guest Posts – Not a Campaign

If you’ve been following this space, you would have read our update on Google tightening the noose around paid guest posts and outbound links. 

There is a clarification that we would like to add which comes in the light of the recent tweet by Gary Illyes. 

In the tweet, Gary has clarified that such manual actions happen all the time and have been around for many years. So, while you need to take care of any unnatural links, there is no ‘campaign’ mode that Google is working in to penalize these sites. It’s regular, routine work at Google! 



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