Daily SEO News 27th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 27th Feb 2020

1. Perform your Due Diligence before Allowing Guest Posts on Your Site

Guest posts are a great way to add diversity to your blog. But, due diligence, on your part, is important before a guest post are published. The recent Google penalty on sites with outbound links from such posts reaffirms the same.

Root of the Problem

Recently a publisher has been penalized by Google for outbound links from the guest posts on his site.

In an email sent to the publisher, Google has maintained that the outbound links were found to be unnatural and irrelevant owing to which the site’s authority has been disabled.

The email also provides remedial steps to be followed by the site to regain its standing on the web. Google has advised the webmaster to ‘nofollow’ the outbound links and resubmit the site for crawling.

Such manual penalty has been widespread, and issued to many sites involved in such practices.

Are Paid Guest Posts the Culprit?

Maybe! While the email has clearly stated that the crackdown is on paid guest posts, the publisher maintained that the site does not allow for paid posts.

But, what is interesting to note is that Google has been very specific in zeroing-in on the outbound link. It has specifically mentioned the link that can benefit the person posting the blog.

This indicates that Google has the ability to selectively scrutinize such links.


In light of this penalty for outbound links, it is now all the more important that site owners perform their due diligence before allowing guest posts and avoid inviting manual penalty.

2. Get Your Site Mobile-Ready to Allow Indexing and Ranking 

Sites with issues in ‘mobile-first indexing’ should look forward to a notice from Google through the GSC.

Google plans to move all sites to mobile-first indexing in the next 6-12 months and any site not complying or, having issues in it will be served a notice to correct the same.

Pay Heed and take corrective steps if you receive any such notice failing which your site’s ability to be indexed and ranked may be affected adversely.

3. Now do more with GSC Reports and Data Export

For those of you who have always longed for the GSC reports and data on your local system to analyze better, and take a granular look at things, there is good news.

You can now download complete information as opposed to the limited table view from almost all search console reports.

So, you can now spend as many hours analyzing and manipulating the data sets with tools to get a deeper understanding.



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