Daily SEO News 26th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 26th Feb 2020

1. More Reasons to Add Markups to the Images

Introducing yet another change, Google Images announced that the dimensions information at the left corner of images will be replaced by information that better corresponds to the user query.

The change that will roll out by the end of this week is aimed at serving more information to users through the image thumbnail. For instance, images from a video will show a video label, recipes images will carry a recipe label, etc.

What Purpose does it Serve?

The change is aimed at increasing user engagements. If this indeed happens, one can expect more clicks on these images and traffic to one’s site.

Does this not give us more reasons to add different markups to the images on our site?

2. Loosing Traffic, Rankings? Mueller’s Response may have something for You

Responding to a query during the Webmaster Hangout, John Mueller indicated that there is more than just content and links that can be behind dwindling traffic to a site.

Mueller listed the following five reasons the combination of which may be causing the traffic to slow down to a site.

  1. Ecosystem Changes: This includes change in the competitor landscape or, loss of links as sites go offline.
  2. Algorithm Changes: As algorithms get smarter in a bid to respond better to search queries some content may lose the relevance it once enjoyed.
  3. Change in User Search Preferences: Which means that users now aren’t looking for certain information that was relevant some time back. This could be true for fashion based content which needs to stay updated with changing fashion preferences. 
  4. Changes in Users’ Expectations from Content: As new formats of content presentation creep into the market, the older formats may lose their sheen.
  5. Gradual Changes in Traffic and Ranking do not come from large dramatic website issues. They build up over time and call for a thorough checkup.



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