Daily SEO News 25th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 25th Feb 2020

1. Quality Raters help Google Refine its Signals

Danny Sullivan, in a tweet, explained the role search quality raters play in helping Google understanding if its signals are producing good results.

For the beginners, search quality raters are third-party contractors who grade search results and sites ranked on SERP. Though this feedback has no role to play in further ranking, it helps Google engineers understand if the Google signals are producing good results.

For any change that is coded, if raters give a ‘thumbs up’ for the results, the change gets released and further work is put underway to refine these results.

quality raters

2. Sites don’t acquire Immunity to Penalties if penalized once

Just like humans who, if once attacked by virus do not become immune to it, websites found employing spammy practices can be penalized a second time if found to continue with the shady practices.

John Mueller, in his tweet, shared that being penalized once does not mean that it can’t happen for a second time.

immunity to penalty

In fact, repeated offenders would be dealt with harsher punishment.

Though, most of us are aware of this already however, the latest discussion only brings the matter to the fore to prevent spammy practices.


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