Daily SEO News 21st Jan 2020

SEO Updates 21st Jan 2020

A new week, and a new start and we are back with some new, more insightful updates from the world of SEO and Google. So here you go…

1. More Insights on Rank Volatility post Google Update of Jan 2020

After the online Tsunami that swept across the digital world last week, SEOs have been trying to cope with it. Yes, we are talking about the Jan 2020 Google Update! 

The chatter in the discussion forums has since been brimming with the loss or gain in rankings. But what was more bothersome was the rank volatility. To be more specific, rank volatility has been high and fluctuations – major ones, observed on a day-to-day basis. 

Sites from YMYL niche, like Health and Finance niche, have suffered the most volatility

Have your site rankings also come crashing down?

Well, then it’s time to get your act together and see this Google Update as a stepping stone and not a road block. And if you think this is too philosophical, then take a look at the advice from the Guru of the web – Google itself, and see if you get an uptick at all the mentioned points.

For a more detailed report on the aftermath of the Google Jan 2020 Update, click here.


2. Domain is Still the Most Important Part of a URL

While a lot of chatter in the discussion forums is an indication of the real happenings in the SERPs, some are rumours too. And when a rumour is repeated for long enough, it might just begin to look like the next big Google step. 

One such rumour that had been doing rounds of discussion threads, and had many SEOs worried over it was that of the domain names getting dropped from the URL in SERP displays. But, Danny Sullivan from Google squashed all of that with his tweet on Friday saying that domain names are here to stay as a part of the URLs. So, we now know that domain names are important for sure!

domain names most important part of url 


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