Daily SEO News 20th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 20th Feb 2020

1. Google Ads enables Remarketing List Sharing across accounts

Continuous Audience Sharing

Google Ads has introduced a new ‘Manager Level Account Setting’ that allows sharing all available tags and audience lists in the manager account with all of its Google Ads accounts or sub-manager accounts (other manager accounts).

The Benefit

The new feature allows sharing of remarketing lists for brands and businesses that run campaigns through multiple accounts under a managed account.

With the addition of the new feature, there is no more wasting time sharing the lists manually! Just, set your account up for the new feature and share audiences across different accounts.

A Word of Caution

Though the step is meant to make audience sharing easier, there are some pitfalls one should be aware of.

Google in its support pages explicitly advices to exercise caution when implementing audience sharing.

In Google’s words, “When sharing remarketing lists across accounts, remember that you may be sharing confidential or proprietary data. You should only share remarketing lists with other accounts if you have obtained permission from accounts that own them and such sharing doesn’t violate any agreements you have with those accounts”.

2. Marketing Land introduces the new Periodic Table of Digital Marketing

At the SMX West Conference held yesterday at San Jose, Marketing Land introduced an information packed periodic table of Digital Commerce Marketing.

The new periodic table, which is fourth in the series of similar periodic tables released earlier by the resource center, puts together an enormous amount of information on digital commerce marketing and can serve as a ready reference for anyone trying to get an understanding of the topics.

For any retailer or manufacturer of goods who sells online, the periodic table is a must download in view of the huge quantum of information and terminology that it delivers in the small packet. 

Do give it a try so that next time when your agency rep bombards you with those heavy terms, you don’t have to look clueless and wonder what the discussion is all about.

And… now it’s time for some thought for food! No, the order of words isn’t wrong. We really mean thought for some food. How about Ram-don Noodles?

3. Craving for Ram-don? Blame it on Parasite!

Yeah! That’s right. It’s the Parasite effect that the world is reeling under.

And guess what, you are not alone if your taste buds have been tingling for Ram-don of late.

Apparently, there’s been an upsurge (read as 400% increase!) in people across the globe searching for ‘Ram-don recipes’ for quite some time now.

And all of this because of Parasite!

No, not the parasite that kills, and breeds horror, and stirs up obnoxious emotions in you, but one from South Korea, which was received with great enthusiasm and applause the world over. (No, it’s unlike the Corona)

The Parasite that fuelled interest in Ram-don

We are referring to the Oscar winning film of 2020 – Parasite, by director Bong Joon Ho, which has not just set a precedent in the Oscars, as a non-English film to win the Best Picture, but also as a Google search interest. 

The Fanfare for Parasite

Parasite sparked a world-wide interest in Google Searches much before the Oscars but on the day of the Oscars, Google registered an 857% increase in the number of searches for Parasite.

A Fillip to Korean Cinema and Ram-don

Of course, the whooping international success of the film has given a fillip to Korean cinema but besides it, the Ram-don noodles featured in the movie have also earned a huge share of fame.

Ram-don, a.k.a Jjapa Guri, searches have soared by 400% globally. Google reports that searches for “Asian supermarket” are up more than 350 percent!

Emerging Business Opportunities?

Countries like Denmark, the United States, Canada, Singapore and Australia have registered the highest number of searches for the noodles. 

Any enterprising Korean with a slight inclination towards Ram-don cooking can explore the emerging business opportunities in these countries and make far more than a living.

Why do We Care?

We care because Parasite, Ram-don, and everything else to do with the movie have gained enormous popularity not just in local pockets, but across the globe. 

It’s a search phenomenon!

And all this fanfare and craze without any SEO or PPC, making digital marketers look redundant.

But, also what is noteworthy is that it has taken years of work of Bong to reach the pinnacle of creativity, and not to mention the efforts that his crew put in making of the masterpiece. 

So, till the time your site doesn’t produce some extraordinary Oscar worthy content, SEO and PPC are its mainstay.

Happy SEO-ing!


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