Daily SEO News 19th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 19th Feb 2020

1. How far is the Use of Unsupported Structured Data Helpful in Search Ranking and Visibility

Little doubt now remains over the use of structured data and the purpose it serves on a web page. While every site owner almost always implements schema.org for Google’s familiarity with it, what about those structured data types, which number to almost a thousand, that are not supported by Google?

Webmasters have forever been confounded by this puzzle – to implement or not to implement such structured data types?

The Answers

Dispelling the confusion surrounding this topic, John Mueller, from Google, shared a few insights on use of structured data unsupported by Google. 

Here’s a quick look:

  • Unsupported structured data does not contribute to visible rich results

You may decide to implement unsupported structured data on your web pages but if the same does not find a mention in the Google’s developers guide, it will have no impact on the rich results. 

But, hang on that’s not it!

  • Even unsupported structured data helps Google understand your content better

So, you want to drop the idea of using unsupported structure data? Don’t rush into it yet. 

Mueller further added that, though it may not result in rich results on SERP, it nevertheless helps Google understand what the page is about.

For example, it can help Google identify Jaguar the animal apart from Jaguar the car. 

Thus, it adds more context to clear understanding.

And now don’t rush to add all kinds of structured data into your page because…

  • Unsupported structured data offers no ranking advantage

Yes, that’s true. It is all about adding relevance to a search result. It helps to list your page as one of the possible responses by matching it with search intent. But it will not boost up your ranking in any way.

This is why, while there is no harm in implementing unsupported structured data on your pages but going over board and spending time, when you are hard pressed for it, isn’t a great idea.

2. New Features added to Google Search Console Change of Address Tool

In a bid to make the movement of sites smoother and hassle-free, Google has added the Redirect Validation, & Reminder features to the GSC Change of Address Tool.

The Redirect Validation Feature

This feature offers redirect validation for top five URLs of the moving domain. It will show you the redirect flow, validate the flow, show you some examples and give you recommendations of any problem redirects.

The Reminder Feature

This new addition shows you a reminder at the top of the moving domain and at that of the destination domain within the GSC. 

The reminder, which is a in a warning banner, may read “this site is currently moving to xyz.com.

How These Features Help

Thus, these new features allow users through domain movements while signaling to Google about the change and preventing mistakes that are otherwise likely to occur during such transitions.

Detailed information on this can be found here.

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