Daily SEO News 18th Jan 2020

SEO Updates from 18th Jan 2020


1. Black Ad Label, Favicon and Site Name: New Additions on Google Search Result Pages

After rolling out the first Broad Core Search Update of 2020, Google made some changes in the search result page designs. The changes which were earlier limited to mobile search pages have now been rolled out to desktop search as well.

Users will now see the ad labels next to the paid search results, in black. On the other hand, the organic results will have the site name and its favicon displayed next to the URLs in the SERP.

How the UI changes impact users and advertisers?

With organic results having a favicon alongside them, the black ad labels gel in better with the rest of the page. Some experts feel that the labels no more stand out like the green colour did. As a result, users are more likely to click on the ads now than they were earlier.

2. Data Warnings in Google Search Console: A Reason to Worry?

Many webmasters have been confused about the data warnings they’ve been receiving on the Google Search Console. Though Google has made this clear several times about structured data not being a ranking factor, the warnings appeared nevertheless. 

But, Google has once again reaffirmed the same through a Tweet in response to a query raised by a user that, structured data only helps the search engine read the content better but, in no way boosts SERP rankings.

Data Warnings in Google Search ConsoleGoogle Working on Fixing Wrong URL Display in SERP

So, while it is good to have clean structured data for better visibility on SERP, not having one will not necessarily rank you down. 


3. Google Working on Fixing Wrong URL Display in SERP

Many users reported Google showing wrong URLS in the search results. For example, a search for harwoods yielded results that had a misplaced www in the URL. Users saw harwoods.www.uk.com instead of www.harwoods.uk.com. Now don’t jump to conclude that your SERP rankings dropped because of this ☺ as this error made no difference whatsoever. Clicking on the incorrect URL took the user to the correct page thus not impacting anything.

And, by the time you read this piece of news the error may already have been fixed but we thought of sharing this it nevertheless.

That’s all for now from our news desk. Hope you have a great weekend.





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