Daily SEO News 17th Jan 2020

SEO Updates from 17th Jan 2020

1. Google Jan 2020 Core Update is Almost Done & Impacts Search Results across the Globe

The Google Search Algorithm that was announced on Monday is now almost done rolling out to all Google search regions and languages.  This was confirmed by Danny Sullivan himself who tweeted this in response to a query raised by webmaster Anthony Nelson.

The first of the core updates of 2020 has had a widespread impact on search rankings across the globe. While the update is said to be ‘almost’ rolled out, we’d like to point out that it will still take a good two weeks’ time till it completely rolls out. Till that time, if you see any fluctuations in your SERP rankings, blame it on the Core Update.

2. It’s Okay to Have Cookie Banners

If you have that small banner on your site or the client sites that you manage, to get user consent for cookies, you can continue to do so. John Mueller, in his tweet confirmed that, the latest Google Update does not penalize websites or rank them lower for having these cookie consent banners.

3. Should I be alarmed at the spike in unparsable structured data errors?

Depends. If this happened between 13th – 16th Jan 2020 then you may just ignore it and relax. Google has reported an internal misconfiguration that caused that spike in the search console for many. Work is underway and the bug will soon be fixed. 

But, for any such spike in dates outside the ones mentioned, you may want to take note and fix them.



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