Daily SEO News 17th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 17th Feb 2020

1. Google explains reasons behind Certification of 50% Users in Manager Accounts under Partners’ Program

Last week witnessed agencies, large and small, expressing their unhappiness about the latest requirements of the Google Partners’ Program.

SMEs have been unhappy about the change as the Manager Accounts often include client accounts and accounts of professionals from the legal or accounts department from within the agency, all of whom are difficult to get certified. 

In response to the displeasure expressed by agencies and SMEs, Google has issued some more clarity around the topic. Here is a snapshot of the same for your reference to ease you into the changes.

What is the new certification requirement from the Google Partners?

In Google’s words, as per the new requirement,

“A company needs to have at least 50% of its eligible users earn updated certifications from Skillshop. A company must also have at least 1 user certified in each channel they have spent in”

How can Client Reps and other agency professionals be included in the account?

  • Clients to be Registered with their Company Domains:

If clients or their reps have been access to the manager account with their personal email ids, Google suggests that they should register with their company email ids. This will help identify them as ‘clients’ or those from outside the agency.

  • Clients using Agency email-ids

Many agencies have granted access to clients through email ids registered on agency domains. Per the new change, clients need to add gain access through their company domain email ids.

  • Make sure You have Eligible Users

It is quite possible that agencies have granted access to the Ads-Manager accounts to many client execs, lower-level manager accounts or serving accounts. This needs to be relooked at.

Google states that, “read-only and email-only users aren’t counted as eligible users” and thus do not contribute to your badge and specialization status.

  • Access to Finance and Legal Team Members

Seems like Google has been quite understanding there! Paying heed to the fact that members from the legal and finance teams may need access to manager accounts, it has allowed them a place in ‘the other 50%’ of users.

Feel Better?

With that, we hope we have been able to lift the mist over the new requirements that many agencies find too exacting but are worth pursuing nevertheless for the benefits it brings.

While the new mandate might sound like a bit of a hassle, at present, but we are sure it has its merits and, in the long run, will help clean up the manager accounts while also granting access to those that need it (and deserve it!).

2. Even Large-Sized Companies need to Pay Attention to SEO

Whenever we read about algorithm changes affecting traffic and SERP Rankings, little do we think about the large players across industries. 

The general perception is that of the algo changes affecting smaller players or bloggers.

But in the latest revelation by a B2B marketing company – TechTarget, their organic traffic, which made up 94% of the company’s overall traffic that quarter, saw a drop of 25% in November.

What does that mean?

Generally, traffic is directly proportional with earnings/revenue or, so is the perception.

However, in TechTarget’s case that doesn’t seem to be completely true.

In its 2019 Earnings Report the company shared that its business model is designed on premium pricing model which creates unsold inventory. Thus, the drop in traffic shouldn’t adversely affect the business.

Nevertheless, their branding products that are most directly correlated to website traffic form 15% of the overall revenue.

This means that though their earnings are not highly affected by decline in traffic, there surely is some downward trend that they need to (and plan to) fix.

In view of the loss in traffic, the company plans to fix the technical SEO of the site to regain the organic influx.

Why Should We Care?

Google organic traffic is no longer a subject of discussion only between the company and its agency or within the digital marketing team.

When traffic woes trouble revenue generation, there is a mention of it even in the quarterly and yearly financial reports. 

Thus, having a robust technical SEO and website is no more just an operational or branding concern but also important from a business or, revenue viewpoint. 

When companies like TechTarget that are based on premium pricing model and are proud of its rich content, get affected by faulty SEO, smaller brands need to be doubly careful in their SEO efforts to secure their traffic against future algo shocks. 

Kirtika Rana

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