Daily SEO News 15th Jan 2020

SEO Updates 15th Jan 2020

1. And… the first Google Search Algorithm Update of 2020 is Here!

Google announced its first core search algorithm update of 2020. The update started to roll out by noon, New York Time on 13th Jan. The mammoth update is said to drastically impact SERP rankings for a large number of sites. If the discussion forums and the messages therein are anything to be believed, the impact is substantial and widespread. 

Unlike its September 2019 predecessor, this core update has been quick to roll out and the early signs of its impacts have been quite upsetting among the SEO circles. Many publishers have reported a fall, by many notches, in their SERP rankings for a couple of keywords.

But, It Isn’t All Gloomy After The Broad Core Update!!

Did we just spill chilled, cold, freezing water on your new SEO plans that you were hatching? 

Worry not. That is really not our intention, neither is it that of Google. 

As Google puts it, Core Updates are a new way of assessing the existing websites and ranking them. This means that if newer sites have been submitted by publishers, they will be included in the latest SERP and the earlier ones will be evaluated vis-à-vis the new pool.

So, if you see your site dropping down by a huge chunk of rankings, it isn’t time to despair. It’s time to gear up and serve better content!

Other News and Updates From The Day

Though all other SEO news and updates from the day tend to fade away in the backdrop of this colossal change, we still thought of updating our annals, just in case you ever come back looking for them after you recover from the Update shock. ☺

2. Bid Smarter with Target ROAS Bid Simulator

In a bid to serve a better bidding experience to Google Ads users, Google introduced a new bid simulator, the Target ROAS bid simulator. The new bid simulator shows the relationship between a ROAS target and your conversion value, thus helping you understand your potential performance at different bid levels.

3. Running Out of Ads Budget? Try the new Budget Simulator

If you are frequently running out of budget by the need of the day irrespective of whether you are maximizing for conversions or for click, the new Google Ads budget simulator might be something for you to try. Based on historical data of past seven days, the simulator predicts the impact of changes in bid or budget can possibly have on the performance.

That’s all for today, watch this space for the latest SEO updates and news.


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