Daily SEO News 14th Jan 2020

SEO Updates 14th Jan 2020

1. HTTP links are as Valuable as HTTPS links: Google

Responding to a Tweet from an SEO, John Mueller, from Google, said that links from SSL secure sites are as valuable as those from non-secure sites. This means that while an HTTPS site might have advantages in SERP ranking, the same is not applicable to the authority they pass through their links. So, if you have been bypassing some inbound links only because they did not come from a secure site, it’s time to think otherwise!

2. It’s a Futile Attempt to Boost SERP Rankings by Non-Indexing Tag/Search Pages

According John Mueller, while it is a publishers’ prerogative to decide what content they want their site to rank for, removing tag and/or search pages from Google’s index, would not help boost SERP rankings. Responding to a Tweet, Mueller added that while this may not affect the website goals and conversions, it is unlikely to result in better rankings as well.

3. New Feature to be Launched on Google Screened Ads

Google Screened Ads is testing a new feature. It is testing display of images of the professionals alongside the listing. For those unaware of Google Screened, it is a test program limited to a few
verticals in selected geographies that helps service firms build a trusted reputation online. Google is a testing a new feature wherein an image alongside the listing will appear next time one searches for service firms. PS: Consider inserting the before and after image from here

4. The Google Cache being Indexed by Google is now Fixed

Though it took some time, Google indexing its own cache is now fixed. This has been confirmed by Googler Gary Illyes himself. Since the fix will take some time to completely roll out, the issue will be fixed soon.


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