Daily SEO News 14th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 14th Feb 2020

1. Latest Update: No Updates!

Making every SEO’s Valentine’s Day sweeter by an ounce and also adding a pinch of confusion to it, Google confirmed that there’s been no big update since the update of Jan 2020!

Just Regular Updates

The Web Giant disclosed that it has been updating the algorithms regularly just as it did in the past and there’s been nothing special or big that has happened in the recent weeks. 

fluctuations in SERP rankings

This came in response to the uproar in the SEO industry surrounding the major fluctuations in SERP rankings that many sites had experienced in the past week.

Then why did I Lose my SERP Ranking?

Quite a possibility that Google rolled out some changes and then rolled it back that caused the fluctuations. So, just wait a while to see if your SERP rankings bounce back.

It is also possible that in an effort to make the search results more relevant Google may have updated the algorithms which is why the your page which was ranking for certain keywords lost the ranking as it did not, now, offer a response more appropriate for the query.

The Final Word…

So, crux of the matter is that all the hues and cries that echoed in the discussion forums last week were, well, just in vain.

There has been no Earth-shattering update that we need to be worried about. It’s been just another week at Google and just a few daily updates, as they have been in the past.

Just stay at your efforts of creating great content that solves searchers’ problems and market them to stay on top.

2. Want to Retain your Google Partner Badge in 2020? Pay Attention to Google Recommendations

Getting and retaining the Google Partners badge may become a bit more exacting from June 2020.

In a website announcement and emails received by existing Google Partners, the Search Engine Genius has introduced substantial changes to the requirements from agencies wanting to maintain their Partner badge.

New Set of Requirements

    • The 90-day spend requirement has been increased to USD 20,000 from the existing USD 10,000 making it more difficult for agencies to qualify as Google Partners
  • Greater number of Google Certifications will now be required from June 2020. This means that at least half of the users who have admin or standard access to the manager account must now pass the relevant Google certifications. 

At present, having even one Google Ads certified professional is enough to get a Partner badge. 

  • Greater attention needs to be paid to the recommendations tab to better the optimization score as Google will now heavily rely on this score to decide if the agency is meeting the performance requirements.

The good thing about the notification is that it allows agencies enough time to brace up for the change and is not a sudden shock that they need to react to.

Here is the complete set of changes that Google has put together. 


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