Daily SEO News 13th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 13th Feb 2020


1. Think like a Google User while describing your Business

The new ‘Describe Your Business’ section in Google My Business (GMB) Help site now encourages local business owners to include relevant keywords in their business description in GMB.

Think like a Google Searcher

The new section has been added to make business listings more conducive towards getting found during searches.

Using keywords that searchers often use to look for a business will improve visibility of the businesses bringing them closer to prospective customers. Of course, spamming keywords is not welcome!

And thus ends the debate on correlation between keywords and GMB Rankings

With addition of this new feature in GMB the long standing debate, on whether keywords really impact ranking of business listing, has come to an end. 

While the business names online should still match their real world names, the keywords can be chosen wisely to allow greater visibility and attract customers.


2. Pay Heed to Consumer Need to Stay on Top of SERP: Google Research

A study conducted by Google, that did not get its share of fame when it was published but has now attracted eyeballs, asserts that it is consumer needs that drive the intent behind each search. 

Google thus concludes that marketers can drive traffic and conversions, if the case allows, by closely understanding these hidden need states.

A Searcher’s 6 Need States

Till now we have always compartmentalized search intent as transactional, informational, navigational, and the likes of them. 

But per the new research, the six needs states that drive a user to Google are very different from the ones we have known. 

These take into account the emotional state of a person which fuels the searches and are categorized by Google as:

  1. Surprise Me
  2. Help Me
  3. Reassure Me
  4. Educate Me
  5. Impress Me
  6. Thrill Me

Tapping these emotions and responding to these needs can help marketers resonate with the searchers. Creating content that serves the users’ emotional state of mind at any given point and satisfy the ‘need state’ is the key for long-term online success.


3. SEO Reaches Hollywood

Believe it or not, the charm of SEO is hard to escape.

The latest followers of SEO are no other than the Hollywood Studio – Warner Bros itself!

The studio recently released Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) but the title was later shortened to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

Understanding Customer Behavior

The reason behind the move was not to shorten the title but, to bring the protagonist – Harley Quinn to the beginning of the title to make it more easily searchable online.

It is understandable that movie goers and fans of Harley Quinn would relate to the name of the protagonist and searches will be for ‘Harley Quinn’ and not the longer version of the title.

Thus, the move makes sense to stay in tune with customer preferences.


Kirtika Rana

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