Daily SEO News 11th Mar 2020

SEO Updates 11th Mar 2020

1. Google Invites Ire from the SEO Industry after ‘Questionable Advice’ for hiring an SEO

If you have wanted to hire an SEO specialist of late, we would advise you to stay away from some of the tips offered by Google in its latest video on the same.

Google’s Advice for Hiring an SEO

Google recently published a video with tips on how to hire an SEO. While most of the advice made sense, there was one that invited raging comments from the SEO industry.

In the video, Google recommends getting a search and technical audit as a last and final step before hiring the SEO.

Obviously, it didn’t go too well with the SEO industry which saw this as a means of getting free audits done.

Here are some tweets and comments:

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Daily SEO News 11th Mar 2020 2

After Danny tried to explain Google’s stand on the recommendation in his tweet, further comments were received from Bill Hartzer’s blog where he simply rubbished the recommendation. Take a look,

“…asking for a technical audit of a website even before the SEO is hired, is flat out bad advice. Very bad advice…”

“SEO consultants that provide a “technical audit” or even call it a “technical audit” for free before they’re even hired is misleading, sketchy, and not someone that you’d want to deal with, in the first place. A good SEO consultant will explain to you that they won’t provide a technical SEO audit of your website for free.”

Our Take on Google’s Advice

A lot has already been said by experts from the field. Not much is left to be said. Nevertheless, we’d like to add that unless Google is willing to run a free Adwords pilot campaign for us before we start investing in the Adwords platform, we will continue to hire SEOs and then request site audits rather than the other way around.

2. Block Internal Search Pages to Make Room for Effective Crawling: Google

Responding to a Twitter query from a webmaster, John Mueller clarified why it is important to block internal search pages from being crawled.

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John explained that using the robots.txt file on your server is not so much about preventing spam as much as it is about preventing Google to have access to pages that will add little or, no value to your site.

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Echoing his comments from 2007 and then later from 2017, Mueller referred to these pages as being of a low quality that create infinite spaces.  

3. ‘Key Moments’ Feature Expands to Include More Videos on Mobile Searches

Here is something that can help you decide your video strategy better.

Seen that ‘key moments’ or the ‘in this video’ feature that shows up on mobile searches? Well, that has expanded to include more videos and is no more limited to only the top-ranking video.

Why This Matters?

The key moments feature allows users to jump to that section of the video which is most relevant to them while skipping ads and other irrelevant content. 

This means that providing a timeline of your video content will help searchers find the right content.

Also, the fact that the feature is being expanded to all videos is an indication of the fact that Google has seen enough engagement from users.

This makes it all the more important to take this feature seriously and rethink your video strategy since even lower-ranking videos can now surface on the top if found relevant.



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