Daily SEO News 11th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 11th Feb 2020

1. Implementing Reviews on Your Page? GSC has New Reports to Enhance Your Page’s Performance

There are some rewards for site owners who have implemented reviews on their pages.

You will now find new reports within the Google Search Console that provide greater insights and better support to the review snippets, if any, on your web pages.

The new addition includes an enhancement report, a performance report and a new support for review snippets on the rich result testing tool.

Enhancement Report

This report, which is available for those sites who have implemented reviews or ratings structured data on their site pages, helps you see errors, warnings, and valid pages for markup on your site.

It also helps you fix other enhancement reports as it walks you through the process of fixing them.

Performance Report

This report gives you insights on the performance of your review or rating marked-up pages in Google Search and Discover. 

It gives you details about impressions, clicks and CTR of results where the reviews were featured, along with offering clarity on a number of other parameters such as, queries, countries, devices, etc. that are bringing traffic to your review snippets.

Enhanced Support in Rich Results Test

The rich results test tool now provides support for the review snippets structured data that you add to the web pages.

The tool now provides support in the form of testing code snippets or reviews any URL submitted to it, showing errors, or suggestions for the structured data.

And with those additional features, it is now easier than ever to understand how your marked-up review snippet pages perform on Search and to identify and fix review errors.

This new feature is especially useful and we can already see a lot of people are reporting errors “Item does not support reviews” under “review snippets”.

It is still not fully clear how does Google decide which product support reviews and which doesn’t as sometimes there is no difference at all between the structure between two different product pages on the same website and yet, one product shows error while the other one is eligible for a review snippet.

Also, to add to the confusion, a page can have a valid “Product” markup with review included as a necessary part of the markup so that it passes Structured Data Testing Tool validation, but it doesn’t pass Rich Results test and shows error under “review snippets” in GSC.


2. If Content is King, Promotion is its Crown

Yes, that’s true. Great content sans promotion or publicity is just a king without a kingdom of his own!

What a pity it would be to have some amazing content which never or rarely draws any crowd just because you never promoted it.

On the flip side, a little bit of promotion and getting a hold on the taste and preferences of your audience can help fine-tune your content and serve not just what you are best at cooking up but also what your visitors relish.

So Said the Google Veteran…

In yet another Web master Hangout, John Mueller from Google confirmed that while going overboard with promoting your site and trying to earn cheap quality links from forum posts and comments is definitely not a great idea, a little bit of promotion, after creating some awesome content helps Google rank your site better.

Let’s Decode it Better

Before you take to your Google Adwords account or any other paid media account and start promoting your site we’ll just clarify what Mueller really hinted at.

Let’s say you just started a blog that has some really prudent financial advice for small-time investors. If you send a word out about your site and people come visiting and like the content there, they will automatically link to it.

This will signal to Google the exact web ecosystem that your site falls in and thus help it rank better in searches.

Don’t Cover the Lamp

Just as you light a lamp and put it on a pedestal, you create content and promote it for everyone to visit and link and for Google to rank it!


3. Want to know how you Compare to your Google Shopping Competitors? Try the New Price Competitiveness Report

Are your competitors stealing your clicks on Shopping ads? And if that leaves you confused about the reasons behind it, Google’s new price competitiveness report may have answers for you to unlock.

The Price Competitiveness Report

The new report, rolled out last week in the Google Merchant Center, offers insightful details as to how you compare against other similar merchants.

It shows how your prices compare to other merchants selling and promoting the same products in Google Shopping campaigns.

The data that goes back to October 2019 shows the price competitiveness by category, country, and brand, and from here you can dive deeper to see individual benchmarks.

How the Report Helps

When you are competing with numerous other merchants in the online world, pricing can make or break the traffic to your site. This report is therefore helpful in deciding the pricing strategy to follow in order gain those extra eyeballs and eventually lead to conversions.

However, the account the account using the Market Insights program must meet certain minimum requirements for participation in Shopping ads or Shopping Actions, as set by Google.



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