Daily SEO News 14th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 14th Feb 2020 1. Latest Update: No Updates! Making every SEO’s Valentine’s Day sweeter by an ounce and also adding a pinch of confusion to it, Google confirmed that there’s been no big update since the update of Jan 2020! Just Regular Updates The Web Giant disclosed that it has been updating the […]

Daily SEO News 13th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 13th Feb 2020   1. Think like a Google User while describing your Business The new ‘Describe Your Business’ section in Google My Business (GMB) Help site now encourages local business owners to include relevant keywords in their business description in GMB. Think like a Google Searcher The new section has been added […]

Daily SEO News 12th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 12th Feb 2020   1. Bursting SERP Analysis Myth: Long-form Content wins SERP Rankings Life as an SEO specialist can be difficult! Customer expectations mounting two and a half times Mt. Everest coupled with dynamic nature of the industry can sometimes push SEOs to come up with some quick fixes to rank higher. […]

Daily SEO News 11th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 11th Feb 2020 1. Implementing Reviews on Your Page? GSC has New Reports to Enhance Your Page’s Performance There are some rewards for site owners who have implemented reviews on their pages. You will now find new reports within the Google Search Console that provide greater insights and better support to the review […]

Daily SEO News 10th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 10th Feb 2020   Another Massive Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update or, just another Testing Phase? Firstly, apologies if we are going to ruin your mood at the beginning of a fresh week but, this is IMPORTANT!! Somewhere between Friday or Saturday, both, the automated rank checking tools as well as the chatter […]

Daily SEO News 8th Feb 2020

SEO Updates 8th Feb 2020 1. Google My Business Posts getting Rejected: Bug or Stricter Guidelines? Just as local SEOs were through reinstating their suspended Google My Business (GMB) account, many more of them suffered another setback in the form of Google rejecting their Google Posts. What’s the matter? 7th February witnessed an unprecedented tide […]