Daily SEO News 24th Mar 2020

SEO Updates 24th Mar 2020 1. Evolution of Google’s Corona Results A recent article by one of the search engine marketing publishers traces the evolution of the search results for the term ‘corona’.  It is interesting to note how the search results have changed from being brand specific to being more general, to meet the […]

Daily SEO News 21st Mar 2020

SEO Updates 21st Mar 2020 1. Google’s Right-Sidebar Featured Snippet Moved to Main Results The deduplication of search results that started in January this year saw yet another step in the direction. Traditionally, a featured snippet appeared on the SERP in the right-sidebar and the same link also appeared in the search results. This featured […]

Daily SEO News 14th Mar 2020

SEO Updates 14th Mar 2020 1. White House partners with Google to guide people to nearby COVID-19 Testing Sites  In a press conference held on Friday, the President of the United States of America announced that the White House would be partnering with Google, to build a website that will help people find a coronavirus […]

Daily SEO Neews 12th Mar 2020

SEO Updates 12th Mar 2020 1. Google Ads bans Face Mask Advertising to Protect Users As a digital advertising platform with customer service at its core, Google has banned ads for face masks in the backdrop of the Corona Virus outbreak. In a statement issued to Search Engine Land, Google has stated, “We’re committed to […]