Hostinger Review

Writing a positive review for a company or a product can sometimes be tricky, especially when you have incentives to do it like placing your affiliate link inside the review or similar. Luckily, I have the freedom to choose who and what I want to write about, and in Hostinger’s case, it will be one […]

Facebook Ad Sizes And Specs In 2019

If you are starting to take Facebook marketing seriously, here’s a useful guide for you. And when I say useful, I mean you should bookmark it. Because trust me, after years of working on Facebook for numerous clients, handling their advertisement and marketing campaigns, I still struggle with the various Facebook ad sizes and specs. [...]

How To Fix Google Cache 404 Error

It has been several months now since people started experiencing a very unpleasant situation when they try to see the cached version of their website pages but instead get an error 404 notification, sometimes even for the entire website. I remember trying to get indexed one of the blog posts fast at the time so [...]