Best Blogging Practices of 2018

Over the past couple of weeks we have discussed why businesses should blog and shared some useful tips on how to start a blog. Blogging, when done right, offers so many benefits to a business such as: increased sales, higher search engine results, more website traffic and increased brand awareness. For a blog to truly be successful and to grow its audience, the blogger needs to follow some tried and true best practices of blogging. Try implementing these best practices to amp up your business’ blog.

Be Consistent

Consistency, this seems so simple but is probably one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make. A business can have the best content but if they are not posting consistently they will lose readers quickly. Blogs do not need to be posted everyday but they do need to be posted regularly and on-time. If a business’ audience likes the blog content they will keep coming back to read it. If they come back time-after-time and it hasn’t been updated, they will eventually stop looking.

Comments – Make Them and Respond to Them

Comments are extremely important in blogging. It’s important that every blogger both makes them and responds to them. By making them, we mean reading other blogs and making interesting and substantial comments. It helps gain credibility for a blogger and garners attention with other bloggers and readers. On the other side, it is crucial to respond to any comment left on a blog you have written. Readers like to be acknowledged and they will post on future blogs because of it.

Guest Blogging

All blogs do not have to be written by the company’s marketing or social media department. Ask other members of the company to write something to show a different side of the business. Guest blogging is another way to get new audiences. Find an interesting person in the industry or a retailer that carries your product and ask them to write a blog to include on your business’ site. They can promote it through their social media which results in new audiences for your business. Another form of guest blogging is to conduct Q&A’s with customers, executives in your company or industry leaders.

Now Implement It

The first step on blogging is always to have great content. But the build it and they will come theory doesn’t always work, especially with blogging. The very best content still needs a push to be seen by readers. Try implementing these best practices to your business blog and a boost in readership is sure to follow. Robert Curtin at WSI Powerful Web results is an expert in creating specialized blog strategies. Contact Us to get started on your blogging campaign.

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