Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing With PPC and Display Ads

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click ads and Display ads are paid search engine marketing strategies that are highly effective means of targeting and converting new customers.  PPC is a search engine marketing strategy of buying listings on search engines. These sponsored listings are displayed above and next to the organic, or non-paid search results.  Display advertising is also a paid online advertising method placing ads on third-party websites to increase brand awareness and drive site traffic.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from adding both PPC and display advertising to their digital marketing strategies. Here is an in depth look at these two very effective paid search engine marketing strategies and how they can benefit your company.


PPC listings are displayed on search engine results pages based on keywords. Keywords are bid on auction style, with companies placing bids based on advertising budgets. Certain variables affect the price of keywords like keyword popularity, search engine selected and length of campaign. Here is an image of PPC ads based on the keywords photography KL.

The paid ads are displayed in the top, highlighted box and to the side of the organic or non-paid search results. The higher the bid, the higher an ad will display within the paid search results.

5 Key benefits of PPC:

  1. Businesses only pay when the link is clicked
  2. Measurability – Businesses can see how many clicks each ad receives, the cost per click and the conversion rate with measurementtools.
  3. Increases brand awareness by highlighting brands in the top of the SERPs.
  4. Immediate results – Instead of having to wait months for SEO techniques to become beneficial, PPC results can be seen within days of campaign launch.
  5. Ability to adjust instantaneously – Businesses can adjust campaigns instantly based on which keywords are most effective in creating conversions.

Display Ads

Rather than displaying on SERPs, display ads are shown on websites. Display ads can be targeted based on different criteria and are a great way to increase brand awareness and get your name in front of a highly targeted audience.

With display advertising, businesses pay per impression, or each time the image is presented to the potential customer.

Display ads can be targeted based on the customer’s physical location (geo-targeting), the website content they are currently viewing (contextual), or based on prior shopping habits (retargeting.)

4 benefits of Display ads

  1. There are different types of targeting, ensuring the ad is only displayed to interested parties.
  2. Choices of media type – Businesses can choose rich media, photo, video or text ads to grab attention.
  3. Real-time bidding allows companies to bid on which customer to serve their ad to based on targeted data collected.
  4. Display ads are visually appealing and larger in size; so potential customers are more likely to be exposed to your brand even if they don’t click.

If the goal is to increase brand awareness and conversions, PPC and display ads will get the job done quickly.

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