Benefits Of Adding PPC To Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been relying solely on organic SEO, or Search Engine Optimization to increase your site traffic, you should consider adding a PPC, or Pay-Per-Click campaign to your search engine marketing strategy.  As we step into the New Year, PPC should be one corporate resolution you intend to keep.  Let’s take a look at PPC as a search engine marketing strategy and some of the benefits it can provide your business.

  • PPC 101

PPC is a search engine marketing strategy of buying listings on search engines.  These sponsored listings are displayed above and next to the organic, or non-paid search results.

These listings are sold auction-style with the highest bidder receiving a chance at the highest position within the sponsored search results.  With PPC advertising, you pay when your ad is clicked on.

If you are a small business owner, you may think PPC is cost prohibitive, but PPC can work within the tightest of budgets.  Focusing your PPC campaign on less expensive, niche keywords decreases your cost per click, yet still provides an effective campaign.

  • PPC allows you to market directly to an interested audience

Since the introduction of PPC, it has quickly become one of the foremost methods of advertisement in the online world. With PPC advertising, you are given the ability to market directly to a prospective customer while they are in the middle of searching for yourselected keywords.  Marketing directly to an interested audience gives you better chances at conversions.

  • PPC provides immediate results

While SEO strategiesare proven to work, they take time to provide the desired results.  PPC campaigns provide instant gratification and can generate traffic and conversions within days or even hours of being launched.  Click rates and conversion rates are easily measured, providing you instant insight into your campaign’s effectiveness, so you can clearly see your ROI.

  • PPC allows for immediate market adjustment

When you create a SEOstrategy, you center it around keywords and content.  Keywords become stale as markets evolve and if you don’t effectively manage your SEO program, you may find your keywords are not providing the results they once were.  Now your entire site is optimized for yesterday’s searches.

With PPC campaigns, industry specific keywords are bid on through Google, MSN or Yahoo, and ads featuring those words can be changed quickly.  Your ads can be adjusted to reflect market trends, seasonal influences or your own market incentives.

Your  company should plan on making PPC part of its search engine marketing strategy.  Put PPC to work for you and watch your conversions grow.

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