Adding LinkedIn to Business Marketing Strategy

In the area of ​​employer branding, there are numerous methods to strengthen one’s own profile. A particularly novel and effective method is to use the LinkedIn platform. This offers companies the opportunity to introduce themselves and make them accessible to a broad mass of people. In this article, you will learn what LinkedIn is, how to use it for employer branding, what paid options are available to promote your profile on LinkedIn, and which companies have already benefited from LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a web-based social network that has existed since 2003. On this existing business contacts can be maintained and new business connections can be made. With over 400 million registered users from over 200 different countries, this platform is currently the largest platform in the world dedicated exclusively to business contacts. It is also one of the 20 most visited websites in the world.

LinkedIn is the professional’s social playground. In essence, it’s their Facebook. If your target audience is B2B, LinkedIn is where you need to be With 500 million users across 200 countries, it is the world’s largest professional networking site.  With all those professional concentrated onto one site, it is an ideal networking content marketing hub. As of the beginning of this year, 2.6 million companies are using the Company Page feature, already taking advantage of a large, receptive audience.  LinkedIn has huge potential for B2B marketing and offers many ways to boost your company visibility and brand, find new leads, and grow your business.

How does Employer Branding work on LinkedIn?

They can use LinkedIn to present themselves as an attractive employer to a broad mass of skilled people. There are several ways to do this on LinkedIn. So a profile can be equipped with a detailed CV and translated into several languages. As a result, you not only reach domestic business relationships, but also potential international business partners.

Furthermore, you can link to your own external website on your profile and thereby direct visitors to the profile to your company page. This makes it easier for you to establish contact with an interested visitor. Furthermore, the platform offers numerous topic groups to which you can join. By actively participating in them, you can present yourself as an interested employer and thereby strengthen your profile.

But even by designing your own user profile, you can already carry out an effective employer branding. The more detailed and attractive your profile is, the better you are perceived by potential customers or business partners. In this case, only the promotion of one’s own user profile is crucial in order to achieve the most efficient and far-reaching employer branding possible.

What paid advertising formats does LinkedIn use to target candidates or promote the employer profile?

The LinkedIn platform offers you many opportunities to talk to new contacts or promote your own employer profile. One of the best known methods is the internal ad manager. You can reach this via the subcategory “Advertising” in your personal user profile. Use this Ad Manager to run paid ads to promote any website among LinkedIn users. For example, you can link directly to your job postings or just promote your company website.
However, the advertising format of sponsored content is much more popular. Each LinkedIn user has three different ways to connect with their own content to potential candidates. For example, anyone who follows your business on LinkedIn can find a post from your company in their newsfeed that you created as a company update. This will be published completely free of charge in your user profile. If you want one of these posts not only to be shown to the following users, but also to a large part of a specific target group, then you can opt for the paid sponsored updates. Sponsored content, on the other hand, will not appear in your user profile, so you can run a paid ad as often as you like without being seen in your profile.

Finally, you can also opt for a Display AD on LinkedIn. This paid ad will show your LinkedIn profile to other people on the homepage. These can then access your website via your profile and use both media to get a better picture of your company.

Company Pages

The key objective of your LinkedIn Company page is to establish your company an industry specialist, providing great service and having good track record. Make sure you include your company logo and well-written description of your company, it’s service offerings and its competitive edge. Since LinkedIn is populated with people who are more business and career focused, the message needs to be less sales oriented and more intellectual and thought provoking.  While the content is the driving force, good visuals are still essential. LinkedIn offers marketing opportunities and provides companies with the option of up to three banner ads on business’ company profile pages. These ads can be call to actions for your service offerings and can even linkup to the company’s other social media profiles to present a more cohesive social front. It also adds the ever important visuals to the page.

Product Recommendations

When creating the Company Page, it is very important to build up the “Product & Services” page.  Within this page customers can visit and write reviews of the products and services your company offers. This information can show a business how their products are doing and get real feedback from users. It’s also a powerful testimonial for those shopping for your products if industry leaders, or someone in their network, are giving praise.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups is probably the most targeted group of people looking for the content that a business is publishing.  People on LinkedIn want to connect with others that are experts in their field.  There are thousands of Groups that cater to niche audiences.  Joining LinkedIn Groups can be done two-fold. A business can join a relevant group as an active member and offer insight and expertise.  Another option is to create your own group on a relevant industry topic. This creates the business as an industry leader and helps gain credibility.

Groups also are goldmines at creating content. By monitoring the audiences of your targeted groups and seeing their comments you can target your content marketing to meet their needs.

Strategic use of LinkedIn can promote your company, gain influence and create sales leads. With its Company Pages features and Groups, LinkedIn is ideal for B2B marketing.

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