7 New Years Resolutions for Your 2018 Social Media Strategy

Around this time every year, people find themselves making outlandish declarations about what they will and won’t do for the New Year. Popular resolutions often involve quitting smoking, losing weight, getting over past relationships, or buying a new car. Pretty much whatever your heart desires is up for grabs.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of those resolutions do not survive past Martin Luther King Jr. Day, SO we at MediaNovas have devised a 7 easy to attain New Years resolutions to share. What makes them so attainable is that they are not necessarily for your personal growth, but hold definite promise for the growth and prosperity of your social media presence.

1.   Limit Sales Pitches – In 2018, force yourself to stop bombarding people with marketing messages. Only 20% of your social media posts should be marketing messages. If you’re confused by percentages, here’s a good rule of thumb: 1 marketing message for every 7 or 8 posts of helping and informing your audience. People will follow and fan you because they are genuinely interested in what you have to say and find it valuable.

2.   Leverage Your Physical Presence – This is the year that the customers who come into your business become the people you engage on social media. You have spent too much time and effort searching for them online that you forgot to capture them where they spend the most time – in your business. If your business has a physical location where transactions take place, you have the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience. Get your Facebook and Twitter links on your receipts immediately. Design and post some signage explaining the benefits of being your fan or follower. And leave it there. Forget about it. Your customers will see it and friend you on their own.

3.   Be Consistent with your content creation – You took the time to start a business blog, but unfortunately it gets very little traffic. The design is sleek, the photos are great, the text was handcrafted by a highly trained wordsmith, but alas, your customers still don’t visit. So, you start to question the success of your marketing plan. If you have a blog, people should magically want to read it, right? Wrong. Well, do I give up?  Absolutely not, content marketing takes time.  Stick with it and create extraordinary content that creates value for your potential customers. Like they say in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”

4.    Play Nice, Don’t Push – It’s ok to ask people to follow you and request comments on your posts. What’s not okay is electronic bullying and harassment. You want people to be drawn to your page by the witty commentary and diversity of content. Don’t push them away by demanding participation at every turn or being the creeper who comments on every random post they make. Be resolved to be more social and less pushy in 2018.

5.    Diversify Your Content – People like variety in life. That’s why Starbucks has a mile-long menu with everything from coffee and breakfast food to turkey sandwiches and sweet tea. The same goes for social media. By mixing up your content, you can make your business appear as if it has many layers. So, ask questions post interesting quotes, photos and videos. This will also boost your Edgerank Score on Facebook, so your content floats to the top of your fans newsfeed. Not all of your content has to be originally produced. If you see something that’s getting a lot of hits, send it to your fans and followers so they can enjoy it too. It makes you look cool and up-to-date. Moreover, it makes you not appear like a robot that is focused solely on making sales instead of meaningful interactions. Those interactions are fueled by a diversity of content. Claim it in 2018.

6.    Keep Rewarding Your Fans & Followers – Offering rewards to your customers is something they will always appreciate. Try to be more giving in the New Year. Whether you’re giving away free samples at your physical location or offering discounts on services or goods on your Facebook page – give SOMETHING to SOMEONE. The reward you get is priceless, because you’ll have made a lasting impression on your fans orfollowers as being a ‘giver.’ They will remember your kindness and return for more.

7.    Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance – I learned this mantra from my 12th grade English teacher Mr. Kilpatrick. Even though that was many moons ago, the 5 P’s still hold true today and in 2018. If social media will truly generate a return for your business and value for your fans and followers, you must PLAN. Nothing amazing is accomplished last minute or as an afterthought. So take some time RIGHT NOW to set some goals for your 2018 social media strategy. List out strategies for accomplishing those goals and then tactics for carrying out your strategies.

Alex D.

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