6 Web Design Tips Businesses Should Use To Increase Conversions

In our last blog, we gave some great tips businesses should keep in mind as they look for a web design company.  This week, we’re delving a little deeper into web design and strategies to increase conversions.  Here are 6 great web design tips businesses should use to increase conversions.

Make sure your site is branded– Business websites should have a consistent color scheme throughout all pages as well as logos and other images that customers will associate with the brand.  If you are in the bicycle business for example, in addition to displaying logos, product images showing the company name can also help brand awareness.

Let them get to know you – Customers love to see the human side of your business.  Tell them about your business and who represents your brand.  Give them visuals with photos and videos showing the great people that make up your team.

Give them several ways to contact you – One of the biggest warning signs for a potential customer is not being able to call, live chat or email someone from a website.  Make sure contact information is displayed in a prominent spot on several pages.

Establish a level of trust – Pages dedicated to Q&A and testimonials are great ways for businesses to build a level of trust.  With online purchases from first time customers, this is especially important.  If the customer doesn’t feel comfortable buying from your site they will be more likely to abandon the cart.  Video testimonials are especially persuasive and are more likely than text testimonials to instill a sense of trust in your business in the minds of potential customers.

Design it to be quick, clean and easy to read – Landing pages are a great way to direct customers exactly where you want them to go.  Where home pages can be littered with distractions, landing pages give the customer exactly what they came to find.  Once there, give a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) guiding them to convert.

In addition to landing pages and CTA’s, websites need to have important content at the top of the site.  According to a study by Nielsen Norman Group, a User Experience Research Firm, “Web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold.  Although users do scroll, they allocate only 20% of their attention below the fold.” (web design study)

Go mobile – As indicated in our recent blog, mobile is on fire making it essential for businesses to have a mobile site to facilitate smooth transactions for this growing population of users.  Consider adding a mobile site and mobile apps to increase conversion rates with mobile users.

If your goal is to increase conversions with your website design, keep these 6 tips in mind as you search for a web design firm.

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