6 Great Content Marketing Strategies For Businesses In 2018

Businesses that want to gain ground in the SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages must have a great content marketing plan in place to accomplish this SEO goal.  Many business owners are overwhelmed by content, thinking they can’t produce great content or simply don’t have time to.  With these 6 content marketing strategies, businesses of any size can launch a successful content marketing campaign in 2018.

Blogging – Content Curator

In addition to blogging on industry-related topics, businesses should also be content curators.  Content curators constantly research to find the most current information related to their industry and share the best information on the chosen topic.  Business bloggers that are content curators will provide great content to customers and industry partners alike on topics that are fresh and relevant by constantly researching topics for their niche.

Business owners that can establish a content marketing strategy that includes both original and curated content that is interesting to their audience and well written will surely reap the SEO benefits.

Content calendar

Businesses should keep a content calendar with very specific goals.  Videos, blogs, infographics, and whitepapers should all be a part of the content calendar with specific keywords and topics listed to give the content consistency and a nice flow.


Recent studies by Curata, a content agency, have shown a 47% increase in engagement for articles with photos.  If your business has great photos, be sure to use that content throughout the site and on social media.  Consider allowing your photo content to be used by others in your industry as a way to get links back to your site.

Guest blogging

Consider guest blogging to get some great links to your site.  If you are producing great content others in the industry might be interested in, guest blogging is a great way to get others to link to your content, which gives a nice SEO boost.

Share on social media

All content, no matter the type needs to be shared on all social media platforms.  The best way for businesses to get their content viewed, liked, and shared is to put it on as many social media platforms as possible.  Social signals are indexed, according to Google’s Matt Cutts, so businesses will see a nice boost in SEO from engagement as well.

Businesses looking to increase their position in the SERPs should implement these 6 content marketing strategies.

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