5 Tips On Making The Most Out of Twitter Marketing For Your Business

Whether you’re new to Twitter marketing or you tweet regularly, chances are the opportunity exists for you to more effectively use this powerful social media tool to market your business.

The beauty of Twitter is that, by its very nature, it’s all about brevity – just like the text messages we send and receive every day. Not surprisingly, Twitter was fashioned in the likeness of the almighty SMS.

The power of Twitter marketing lies in the ability to follow, and be followed. Essentially, when you follow someone, it means their tweets appear in your ‘tweetstream’, or the update feed of real time posts. Additionally, following is not mutual, meaning just because you’re following someone, doesn’t mean they’ll follow you.

These microblogs of up to 140 characters, more popularly known as “tweets”, can pack a wallop as part of a well-planned marketing strategy, and they are a low cost alternative to other forms of advertising. So, how do you make the most of it?

Create A Twitter Marketing Plan For Your Business

  1. Become an expert spectator.  For the first 30 – 60 days don’t do anything but observe. Find the leaders and influencers in your market and learn how they interact with customers. Take note of the keyword phrases people use when talking about your product or service, so that you can monitor those words. Watch for any trends that you can uncover.
  2. Strategize and create your message. If you’ve done the first step right, then you know who your target audience is and how the interact on Twitter.  Now use that information to craft an interesting and relevant message. Give your company a personality. This is a great time to include other types of media like video, podcasting, photos, etc. Stealing an idea from a client of ours, how bout creating a behind the scenes video “A day in the life of a …” and follow you around for a day in your business (Obviously you’ll probably need to use some killer editing and creative use of music if your days are as lame as some of mine.)
  3. Build your targeted Twitter audience. In the first step we talked about keeping notes on the keyword phrases people use when talking about your product or service, well now we’re going to use them. Use Twitter’s keyword search tool and plugin the keyword phrases you found. This should bring back a list of targeted Twitterers that will be receptive to your message. Follow them, there’s a good chance they’ll follow you back.
  4. Organize and automate your Twitter marketing. Create an editorial calendar, a simple excel spreadsheet that maps out your tweet posts. You need to specify when to post, what type of content (link to blog post, video, pictures, etc.), content topic (educational content, testimonial, shout out to a client, webinar promotion, etc.), and how many tweets per day. We all have multiple tasks in our business’ by creating this editorial calendar you can schedule your posts and use an automation tool to do the posting for you.
  5. Monitor chatter about your company. Using Twitter’s search engine, you can see who is talking about your company. Create an RSS feed for these searches or use a twitter monitoring tool to stay constantly updated on who is talking about you and what they’re saying. This gives you the perfect opportunity to connect. After all Twitter is SOCIAL media. And if they say something nice, retweet, connect with the person, and incentivize them to continue to promote your brand.

Now get out there and just do it. The more you get involved the more comfortable you will become. Twitter marketing provides businesses a powerful tool for networking, and exponential opportunities for communication. Have you tweeted today?

Alex D.

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