5 Tips for Beginners – What Social Media Optimization Services Can Do for Businesses in 2018

Social Media has changed how companies large and small market themselves online.  Every business needs to have a presence on all social media platforms and social media optimization services that get their company noticed.  A recent study by Social Media Examiner found marketers surveyed reported the following benefits of social media marketing.

Based on this quote from the Global Web Index Trendstream report, businesses need to take advantage of the enormous marketing opportunities presented by social media platforms:

“The global internet will increasingly be defined by Facebook, Google and Twitter, representing a tremendous opportunity for marketers to build brands on a truly global scale.”

Businesses should not overlook Pinterest either.  According to Bizrateinsights.com, 69% of Pinterest users have purchased or plan to purchase items found on the site.  If businesses are interested in conversions, Pinterest users are looking to buy.

Here are 5 tips to help business owners optimize their company’s social media platforms.

  1. Social media can lead to improved search rankings if businesses optimize their pages and profiles.  Establish and fill out company profiles in full (including photos) and make sure keywords are used in the descriptions, profiles and posts.  Google indexes both Facebook business pages and Google+ business pages, so businesses should take advantage of optimizing these profiles with keywords.Get a nice boost in the search rankings by optimizing these social media sites.
  2. Businesses should add social media buttons to their website content.  Adding social media buttons will help users share content they find valuable, therefore promoting brand awareness for the business.
  3. Another way for businesses to draw traffic to their site is to post special promotions or deals on social media platforms.  The Bizrate study above found that 39% of Pinterest users and 26% of Facebook users reported getting special offers from brands as a reason for using the platforms.  Facebook Contests and Facebook Offers are great ways to promote a business and encourage likes and shares by offering giveaways, coupons and incentives.
  4. Social media posts should include effective use of keywords.  Businesses utilizing Twitter should include keywords in their hashtags to maximize exposure.  LinkedIn profiles should include keywords in the Headline section, which appears in search results.
  5. Businesses need to post regularly on all social media platforms.  Provide links, industry insight, ask questions and be ready to answer them.  The more businesses engage customers on social media, the more chances they have to get their brand name Shared, Liked, +1’d, Pinned, and Re-Tweeted.

These are some great tips businesses can use to get started with their social media optimization strategies for 2018.  Follow along as we explore social media optimization for businesses in upcoming blogs.

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