5 SEO Tips to Take Advantage of Mobile First Indexing

The way Google crawls your website changes every so often. Recently, Google announced that June 2019 Core Update has rolled out and is now crawling the websites as per new updates.

In most of the recent updates, the mobile-first index is targeted the most. Even the latest Google Search Console has received an update in support of ‘Mobile First Indexing’ that lets you know how your website is being crawled by Google Smartphone crawler.

So, the million dollar question is how you can amplify your website visibility to get the advantage of mobile first indexing and earn more traffic than earlier. Below are 5 SEO Tips that will be helpful for you.

Focus on Responsive Design

This is a common point that most of you have heard. But here you should focus on creating a responsive website instead of developing a fluid design. Many people still get confused between responsive and fluid design. Once you start focusing on responsive design and resolving mobile issues, you will experience increased website visibility on the internet.

Add Structured Data

There are different types of structured data that you can use for your website, depending upon your business type. There are structured data for a recipe, news, blog, product and many more. Structured data helps Google to show rich snippet which gives weight to your website in mobile devices. You can check the structured data on your website using Google’s tool.

Increase Website Speed

Page Insight is the best tool to track your website speed on mobile as well as desktop users. You should use this tool to find opportunities and use them to make your website fast. A website that loads fast, ranks good in Google. Hence you should test your website and find the loopholes. CSS, JavaScript are the two major factors that increase the page load time.

Avoid Heavy Graphics & Pop-Ups

A Pop-up that covers your mobile display is even considered as spam to some extent. So, for mobile users, you should focus more on delivering your services. Alongside, you should also replace heavy graphics with the WEBP image format that is quicker to load.

Focus on AMP Pages

The Accelerated Mobile Pages is the boon for every website owner who wants to target mobile users. You should add the AMP functionality to your website that will help it to get instant indexing results in Google. You can either use the WordPress AMP plugin or can develop the entire customized code for your website. AMP pages are more favored over non-amp pages in mobile searches.

For a newbie, now there is an option to check the Mobile First Indexing status of their website/ webpage in Google Search Console. A new feature has been added to find how Google is crawling your webpage for mobile users. So, if you are not heeding the mobile users, it’s now mandatory to consider them at top priority. Start following the aforementioned tips and take advantage of mobile indexing to grow your traffic.

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