5 Facebook Strategies To Boost Your Social Media Marketing Plan

With over 2 billion users, Facebook is one platform that cannot be left out of any 2018 social media marketing strategy.  According to Facebook, “Over one billion people like and comment an average of 3.2 billion times every day.”

If you want to increase brand awareness, drive site traffic and increase conversions, establishing a Facebook business page is essential.  Here are 5 Facebook strategies to add to your social media marketing plan this year.


1.     Get ready for Graph Search and optimize your page

Most businesses currently have a Facebook business page, but businesses need to ensure their pages are optimized and ready to take advantage of the new graph search feature.  To help people find your business, make sure your page is complete, including name, category, vanity URL, and about section.  Search engines will index the keywords on your business page, so make sure you use keywords in your page where appropriate and include them in posts.

Currently in beta, the new Facebook Graph Search enables people to find information through searching their social graph for information.  Searches currently look like this:

With a well-optimized Facebook page, Graph Search can make it easier for people to find and learn about your business.

Engage customers by posting frequently, 1 to 2 times per week, ideally.  Along with keywords, posts should include photos, videos, and links to your website to increase SEO and conversions.  Consider contests or promotions to keep the content valuable to customers.


2.     Consider Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories

According to Facebook for Business, State Bicycle Co., an Arizona-based bicycle manufacturer, used a combination of strategies including building a page with product photos, frequent posts regarding contests and giveaways, targeted ads encouraging likes, and sponsored stories to reach more people and drive brand awareness.

The results were$500,000 in annual sales from coupon codes and increased traffic and the business found that after implementation, 12% of site traffic came from Facebook.


3.     Use Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are special posts enabling businesses to offer a special coupon or discount that can be claimed and shared with friends.  Businesses can run in store only, online only or in store and online offers.  Facebook Offers often go viral and can help businesses reach a larger audience, drive traffic and increase sales.


4.     Promoted Posts

Promoting posts increases the likelihood that a larger audience will be reached.  According to Facebook for Business, Meredith Manor, an Equestrian College got 4 times more reach through promoted posts versus non-promoted posts and 3.5 times more user engagement.


5.     Create a contest

Contests are proven Facebook strategies that not only increase exposure, likes and shares, but also provide valuable inbound links.  Contests on Facebook are bound by certain guidelines and businesses must familiarize themselves with these before launching a contest.  Contests must be promoted through a Page App such as Woobox or Canvas Page.

Facebook offers several powerful tools for businesses to take advantage of and should be an integral part of social media marketing strategies.

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