4 Ways to Align Your Sales and Marketing to Drive More Business

Sales and marketing are no doubt the bread and butter of any businesses revenue generation. Hubspot refers to this partnership between sales and marketing as Smarketing, a term coined by Dan Tyre. Even without the nifty title, it isn’t hard to understand the necessary collaboration of the sales and marketing teams to drive leads continuously over time using a variety of techniques. In this blog, we will show you four ways to get your smarketing crew on the road to successful synchronicity.

1.    Open the Lines of Communication 

It is a no brainer that sales and marketing teams should work together in harmony, but you would be shocked at how many companies operate with internal silos. The first step to achieving smarketing synchronicity is to actually get these two groups communicating and meeting on a regular basis. It is impossible to expect this type of communication to happen organically.

As leader of your company, take charge by organizing an initial Smarketing meeting with both teams. If your company is large, it may be best to conduct a retreat to make sure everyone is well acquainted. Make sure both sides are aware of what campaigns or projects the other has in play.

2.    Share Reports and Data

At your retreat or meeting (whichever you decide), include a presentation that analyzes recent sales and marketing data from the current quarter. Examine lead sources, sales data, and marketing campaigns. Account for where the revenue is coming from. Pick apart the sales funnel. Leave no stone unturned. Every sales and marketing rep needs to understand how the business stays afloat, so there is no doubt about which efforts need to be duplicated, further supported, or eliminated.

3.    Develop a Sales Level Agreement and STICK TO IT

On this last point, we couldn’t agree with Hubspot more. The best way to hold both the sales and marketing teams accountable for their actions and responsibilities is developing a sales and marketing SLA that clearly outlines everyone’s duties. Hubspot outlines 5 steps to establishing a sales and marketing SLA, so do your research and follow accordingly.

 4.    Track Your Progress in the Cloud

It’s easy to say you are going to do something, but never follow through. It’s even easier to direct your employees to follow through and lose track of if they are doing it or not. The best way to not get caught up in micro-mananging your crew is to require the heads of the sales and marketing team to track their progress in some type of Cloud system. Google has a number of tools like Google docs and calendar that make group collaboration simple and most importantly – FREE.

Hopefully, these four steps have helped you understand what Smarketing is and how you can get your sales and marketing teams working together. If you need help working on your SLA agreement, organizing a retreat/meeting, or anything else, as always, you can reach out to us.

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