4 SEO Optimization Tips for Infographics

If you have ever made the connection between infographics and search engine optimization, you were on the right track. Infographics spread like wildfire on the Internet.

Infographics are also an easy way to build links, which is why they are great for search engine optimization. Every time an infographic is shared online, a link is created back to the infographic and the originating site. SEO should be integrated in infographic development from the start to get the maximum value.

Here are four tips to optimizing your infographic for search engines:

Use SEO keywords in the infographic title

Titles are the first thing people read before deciding to click on a link. Be sure to use your targeted keyword list when coming up with your infographic title. If you use your SEO targeted keywords in your title, your infographic will rank in search engines. Bloggers who link to your infographic in their articles will likely use your keyword-loaded title as their anchor text. When readers share your infographic online, your keyword-loaded title will get more mileage and SEO value.

Add social media share buttons on the landing page

To encourage readers to share your infographic online, you must place social media share buttons strategically on the landing page. Whether you choose to put them directly under the title or on the left or right side, make sure you include a Pinterest button. Infographics are images that can be pinned, so pin your heart out.

Submit to infographic social media sites and directories

In order to really get your infographic to build links, you have to manually push it to the right outlets. Infographic specific social media sites, as well as web directories, are good places to plant your seed. Others in your industry will be interested in your infographic for content and aesthetic reasons. It is also a good idea to add it to Facebook and Twitter to get your followers and fans in on the fun.

Develop industry specific infographics and share specifically on LinkedIn

Sharing your infographic with specific industries will add meaning and value for that particular audience. Imagine the SEO value and links you could build by tailoring an entire infographic to a specific field. Social media and Internet marketing are the two most obvious and popular field-specific infographics. Try spicing it up by targeting some other fields that are not illustrated through infographics. Then, share your infographics with groups on LinkedIn. They will thank you for it.

SEO and infographics go hand in hand. The connection is natural, because infographics permanently reside online, and thus are shared there. It is important to consider link building while developing your infographic from beginning to end. If you want to learn more regarding search engine optimization in general, we have you covered.

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