4 PPC Tips for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again. Grocery stores are overflowing with heart-shaped candy and stuffed animals while cheesy Hallmark ads seem to dominate every commercial break. All of which is aimed at awakening the hopeless romantic trapped inside us all.

The window for Valentine’s Day sales and promotions is officially open. Although February is the shortest month of the year, the season of love, however short, is a big money maker for businesses. That means it is time to whip your pay per click ads into shape.

In this blog, we will give you four pay per click strategies for Valentine’s Day 2013. Of course with Valentine’s Day, not every business will be a good fit for themed promotions and sales.

What Businesses Are Best Suited to Target Valentine’s Day Consumers?

  • Restaurants
  • Gift shops
  • Florists
  • Travel agencies
  • Jewelers
  • Dating services
  • Spas
  • Salons
  • Bakeries and sweet shops

Why? It’s pretty obvious that these businesses offer products that consumers are looking to purchase for their sweethearts. According to a survey by ORC International, Valentine’s Day is the second most popular gift-giving holiday. It’s a great time for marketers to get their Valentine’s Day offers online for consumers to cash in. Here are four tips to can help you get some mileage this season.

1.    Get a Head Start

Do yourself a favor this year and get ahead of the game. By now (Feb. 6), you should already have decided what sales or promos you plan to offer consumers. If not, sit down and iron that out. Once you have that squared away, launch your campaign swiftly because if last year’s data is any indication of this year, people started searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas on January 7th.  Take a look at the graph below shows that women have a lead on men this year.

2.    Decide on Search Terms

Here are some of the most searched terms for Valentine’s Day on Google. Bid on them. Use them in your blogs posts to rank in organically in search engines. Again, use them in your pay-per-click ad copy, especially headlines.

Once you decide on which terms you can afford and what works best for your sales offering, make sure you are placing them properly throughout your marketing copy whether online or in your store. Consistency is important so your efforts do not appear scattered, but rather purposeful and strategic

3.    Create Specific Landing Pages On Your Website

Having individual landing pages for each of your Valentine’s Day promotions is key if you want to convert your web visitors to buying customers. The message you used in your ad copy should mirror what’s on your landing page. It’ll increase your quality score dramatically. Also, make sure to use the most searched terms in our URL, header, ALT tags, etc. so your pages rank.

4.    Evaluate Your Performance & Adjust Your Ads

Remember, the beauty of online ads is that you have the power to monitor your effectiveness in real-time. You could literally watch click by click and track the subsequent visitors to your website if you so desired. Evaluation is one of the most critical steps in any marketing campaign. When it comes to a tactic such as PPC, continuous monitoring and quick adjustments can be the difference between a successful campaign and a wasted budget.

If the threat of a wasted budget is keeping you up at night, it’s best to hire someone to manage you PPC ads. In the long and short run, you will see a huge return on investment because your current promotions will be successful and you’ll have stronger brand recognition. Make this Valentine’s Day a profitable one.

Alex D.

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