Best Web Hosting Malaysia – Top 10 Domain Hosting Companies In 2019

The Best Web Hosting Malaysia Has to Offer Comparing Malaysian Domain Hosting Companies and the services they provide Update 20/02/2019 - The winner for the 2018 is Hostinger Malaysia with Exabytes being right behind at the second place. CLICK FOR SPECIAL OFFER 82% OFF Discount For MediaNovas Visitors by Hostinger Malaysia - Cheapest Quality Hosting Right Now You [...]

Dedicated Web Hosting

We are often asked what is the main difference between a shared hosting and a dedicated web hosting. In short, the renter of his own dedicated server uses the entire machine alone. This is more expensive, but it is the tool of choice for many applications because, as the operator of a website, you have […]

What is Search Engine?

We were talking a lot about search engines on this blog but never really explained what exactly are they. Recently i received an email by one of the readers asking what is search engine so i decided to write a short post on the subject. By definition: “Search engines are applications that search data structures […]

Bluehost Review

Get Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting with BlueHost Claiming to host over 1 million domains, BlueHost has something to say when it comes to being a leader in hosting services. Their specialty is in customer satisfaction. But in addition to their quality support, BlueHost offers a great lineup of features with their hosting plan. A […]