2 Amazing Twitter Analytics Tools To Help You Tweet More Effectively

Before you start to create a Twitter strategy, it is important to have a pretty detailed account of who is actually following you and their behavior on Twitter.

Twitter has yet to open their analytics tools up to the masses for free use, but several ambitious and visionary programmers have already designed code to provide insightful data for those of us who care. But not all programmers are equal, so we chose not to include them all in this post. We found that many analytics tools pull in the same information, but represent it differently.

Here are 2 amazing Twitter analytics tools that are user-friendly and provide great details on your followers and their tweets that you can actually use to create a serious strategy.

1.    Know.Your.Followers. by Schmaps

If you ever wondered about what music your followers listen to or if they prefer to drink coffee or tea, there is an analysis tool that aggregates these details for you – Know Your Followers.

Created by Schmaps, which is best known for its real-time city guides and twitter service, Know Your Followers launched back in October 2011 allowing Twitter users to unlock a bevy of information about their followers. Of course, for a small fee, you can unlock even more information about your followers, but honestly, the free version will do just fine.

With the free version, you get a snapshot of your followers by location (country, US state and city), profession, basic demographics, likes and interests, and accounts followed.

After testing the free version of this tool, we have to say the insight it gives on your Twitter followers is pretty useful. We learned that the majority of my followers are males, living in mainly in Kuala Lumpur, they work for companies or organizations in sales/marketing and enjoy traveling, wining and dining.

2.    Trendistic – See Trends in Twitter

If you like what Google Trends is doing for search queries, you are sure to appreciate Trendistic analytics, which offer trends of keywords or product names based on users tweets. Trendistic allows you to see the frequency of the keyword as it is mentioned over time. The different time intervals you can view range from real-time updates, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 month, 90 days and 180 days.

The information is laid out on an easily to understand graph similar to something you would see on Google Analytics. By clicking on a point on the graph, you can see tweets posted at a specific time. Trendistic also has the ability to do a trend comparison of two (or more) keywords. Lastly, you can embed these graphs on any website to SHOW your data instead of writing about it.

Between Know Your Followers and Trendistic, you should have a good sense of WHO is following you, WHAT they tweet, and WHEN they tweet it. Now use this data to connect with them. Feed them the type of content they desire based on their personal demographics and their own tweets.

Alex D.

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